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December 2016 - Portugal

December 2016 – Portugal

That was the Christmas that we didn’t wanna spend in Germany. We wanted to explore a new country, get inspired, live like locals, enjoy good foods and spend Christmas with a Portuguese family. At the end of our 3 weeks road trip through Portugal we had everything we wanted and much more.

We saw a beautiful country with wonderful people and culture, we ate amazing food, we made new friends, we spend Christmas with a Portuguese family, we had a freezing, but beautiful New Year’s Eve in Porto, we drove around the whole coast, hitchhiked to the beach and got so much inspired by the people we met. So much, that we decided to go for our passion for photography and do wedding photography in a new way.

We went to Portugal every year since that holiday. It feels like our second home and we have so much more to show you about this country. What we love most about Portugal? Well, most probably it’s the people and the passion for good food that we share with the Portuguese. The simple and relaxed lifestyle although the country’s economy makes it hard for everybody. We feel that Portuguese can enjoy and appreciate the simple things in life so much, people appreciate art and creativity, and that’s an atmosphere that makes it so hard for us to leave every single time.

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