That’s us. Maria & MD

Our dreams

We're Maria and MD, a couple with love for each other and the passion for photography and travel. Our dream is to travel the world with a camper van, meet people all over the planet and tell all these stories of the experiences we made on the way to our grandchildren one day. We enjoy the simple things in life and we're grateful for everyday.

We don't need much, but good friends, good food and freedom. We feel full of energy when we are able to create, live out our artistic mood and to make people happy with our work. We dream of a world without hate and racism where people can appreciate the differences between each other and celebrate them.



Rosy & Vicky, 09/2019

Your pictures brought back the same joy, love and happiness we felt during our special weekend. ...They tell our story through our eyes as well your eyes. ... Your work is much more than work - it's capturing the intensity of love and life. Thank you for becoming such an essential part of our relationship. Thank you for dancing with me when you wanted to go home, for taking care of us when we started to get photo-tired, for always having a smile on your face and making us feel relaxed, for giving us space and following us where we didn't realise you were there.

Sarah & Richard, 08/2019

We are so blown away by the pictures and finally have the opportunity to see this day again from different perspectives. It was all kind of a rush and we hardly noticed, what happened all around us.
You captured all these moments in such a beautiful way, it was a real pleasure for us to see everything again.
A very big thanks to you both! You are wonderful. It was so much fun with you!

Nic & Naomi, 07/2019

We wanted to thank you again for being with us on this beautiful day. From our guests we got extremely positive feedback how great, pleasant and sympathetic you are. Everyone was really excited about you and I believe that there are some requests coming to you soon. We will definitely recommend you!

Claudia & Valentin, 08/2019

The photos are amazing! Great! Stunning! Top! And they are soooo many !!!
You've really outdone yourself again! Wow!
One can really feel and see all the action, joy and excitement of the long day.

Maria & Tim, 09/2020

Maria and MD captured our wedding for eternity with the help of their beautiful photos. The two of them know how to capture unique moments, how to be (almost) invisible and yet super personable. At the same time, their professional way of working brought us to pause and let us feel the moment.
Your work is more like a documentation that you can watch over and over again and indulge in memories, not interchangeable group photos.
Thank you for your work!

Lisa & Patrick, 06/2018

We have been so excited about the pictures and what should we say - we were speechless. Looking at the pictures, it was like turning back time ... The pictures awaken all these emotions in us as soon as we look at them! ... In the pictures we can feel how excited and happy you felt with and for us. We could sense that shooting professional photos is not the only important thing for you, but you are also looking behind the facades of people to capture emotions and get the most out of them. We are overjoyed with these wonderful pictures! Thank you for joining us on this day!

Sylvia & Markus, 07/2020

We love your / our wedding pictures !!!!
I look at them every day and I am soooo happy :)
We are so happy that we chose you guys.
Thanks again for everything.

Susi & Robert, 04/2020

Your pictures came out really amazing! It's great how you captured our day forever. We can now relive the day again and again at the touch of a button in a loop :D
Thank you very much!

Lena & Edgar, 10/2020

Thank you for the wonderful pictures! We are totally satisfied with your work and would recommend you anytime.
We felt very comfortable with you. Relaxing during a couple shoot is not that easy, but it worked really well with you - it felt totally easy and natural :)
We also liked the fact that you took the time to photograph our guests. We have sent some of them the link to the gallery and we think that it was very nice for the guests to discover themselves on one or the other photo.
Thank you again for your great work and accompanying our day in such a pleasant way.

Anne-Marie & Robby, 07/2020

We watched our great wedding gallery on Sunday. We are so happy about it!!
We have already seen a few photos that our friends took at the wedding, but in your gallery we found some photos and impressions that we didn't even notice that day.
Your pictures show us a completely different perspective of our most beautiful day and we are very happy and grateful that you accompanied us on this day and created a memory for us with your photos that will last forever. The photos show the great atmosphere and the happy faces of our guests. We had a lot of fun with you guys and it was so amazing to have you there!

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