About Wrong Expectations And Travel Depressions
September 2017 - Croatia

September 2017 – Croatia

Have you ever experienced this feeling of travel depression? Not in a way that you are longing for your next travel, this we experience regularly. No, but we mean this feeling of traveling somewhere where you don’t feel good. We experienced it the first time in our lives in Croatia.

First of all, Croatia is a beautiful country with beautiful countryside and lovely people. You will see also in the pictures that there is so much diversity and beauty everywhere. But still we were sitting there in Split on a port wall, looking towards the sea. We were feeling sad, overwhelmed and wondering if this was the right spot for us. We looked at each other and realized that we came with completely wrong expectations. We came for the history and the beautiful landscape and national parks that we’ve seen on pictures. But we didn’t sign up for the massive amount of tourists. We felt like we’re in the middle of Disneyland, something we’re never felt before on any travel. Although we never travel in the high season, avoid touristic places and usually go to spots in the early morning or late evening, we couldn’t run away from all the people this time.

After seeing busloads of tourists in Dubrovnik and feeling pretty claustrophobic, we decided to leave as soon as possible. We spend some days in the Velebit national park in the north of Croatia. Even though it was much colder in the mountains, we couldn’t have been more happy about the silence and peace, about the nature and hiking 15km without meeting a single person.

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