Wedding Photography


Every love is different, every story is unique, every heart has its own beat. Capturing that is not about technology, it's about feeling it.

Wedding photography for us is more than just a job. We love to meet lovely and unique couples, witnessing love and capturing it while we are in the middle of it all. Luckily, our couples give us the feeling to be part of the wedding rather than just a service provider.

Through the time that we’re in touch, we will remind you that you two are the most important people in this event. We noticed that couples tend to forget about it in order to make guests and family happy. We encourage you to plan your wedding just the way you want it to be, to go unconventional ways if that’s your wish and not to hesitate to “break the rules” or traditions.

Photographing people for us means, to capture the real person. We don’t just want to take a picture of how a person or couple looks like. We want to capture how they really are, what makes them THEM. You won’t hear us asking for poses or doing thing that you don’t feel comfortable with. To achieve real emotions, we have a simple trick. We take time to get to know you, to make you feel comfortable in front of our cameras until you show the real you.


There are a few promises that we wanna give you:
1. We will encourage you to make unconventional plans
2. We will remind you that it's YOUR day
3. We will always try to act in a way that is good for you
4. We will never let do something that is not YOU
5. We will give our 100% to make your day memorable


You can summarize our wedding photography style as simple, emotional and honest. We want to observe and capture moments while being in the middle of it all. We don't want to direct anything, but we want to take pictures of real moments and real emotions, not poses and perfect looks.
Your experience with us will be exactly that: honest and real. We want to create an atmosphere with you where you can feel comfortable to show your real emotions. We feel that the connection we build with our couples is one of the biggest influence for the pictures. When we have your trust in our photography and our skills as photographers, we can get close without disturbing, we can anticipate gestures and moments, because we know you already.


We will usually spend time with you and see each other at least 2 times before the wedding.
One of those meetings will be the pre-wedding session. This is just a simple couple shooting with the most important purpose to get to know you better. And on the side we gonna take some pictures of the little things we observe that constitute your love. May it be a romantic kiss or a high five. We won't direct you into a pose, because we wanna capture the real you. But don't worry, we won't leave you standing there not knowing what to do. Trust us, you are amazing and it's gonna be great!