Royal Wedding in Dresden
Oktober 2019, Residenzschloss Dresden

In 1719, Friedrich August II and Maria Josepha celebrated a legendary wedding that lastet 40 days and cost 4 million thaler excluding the 2 baroque buildings that were constructed for the wedding. It was the only wedding that took place in the castle of Dresden which was reserved for the royals.

Until 2019, when Christina and Klaas said yes exactly 300 years after the extravagant wedding. These two lovebirds were the lucky couple to win the lottery: getting married in the castle like Friedrich August II and Maria Josepha, staying overnight in the most luxurious suite of the Kempinski Hotel Taschenbergpalais, with a wedding speech by the major himself, cutting an 8-layer cake made by the best pastry chefs of Dresden, sculptures made of chocolate, chocolates with gold, champagne, a horse carriage and even a ride in a hot air balloon.

It was a lot different than any wedding we photographed until now. Additional to our cameras, we saw lots of cameras from the media who were there to report about the extraordinary event in Dresden and this wonderful couple. But also did we witness Christina & Klaas tying the knot in the most beautiful, historic and prestigious location in Dresden, full of royal art selections from the baroque epoch and the latest restorations of the parade chambers just finished. It was a dream and maybe the wedding of the century.


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