Persian Wedding at Eckberg Castle
July 2019, Schloss Eckberg Dresden

This wedding was full of Persian traditions, colorful decorations and guests that couldn’t wait to hit the dance floor.

It was a beautiful summer day at the Eckberg castle when the bride finally said YES during the ceremony after being asked several times. Letting the groom sweat and wait for the final answer is an important part of the Persian wedding tradition. The bride will only say yes after being asked 3 times. Unlike the bride, the groom only gets one chance.

A beautifully decorated table was set up in front of the couple with lots of symbolic meanings for their marriage life, like fruits, honey and the Quran. After both of them said yes, they were giving honey to each other. A symbol to make their marriage sweet for each other. What a beautiful tradition!

Then the day continues in a way that every wedding in the world continue. Lots of old friends, loving family moments, good food, good mood, chatting and dancing.

And at last… a firework!


Pictures: Salt & Pepper Photography

We were happy to witness this wedding as second shooters for Maria Braun Photography.

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