Joyful Castle Wedding
July 2020, Palais Großer Garten, Dresden

In July of this crazy “Corona year”, things got a little more relaxed. It was the first wedding where we could finally see hugs again and it seamed like everything was kind of back to “normal”. All the doubts and stress of the weeks before the wedding just disappeared.

When we met Sylvia & Markus for the pre-shooting, that’s when we fell in love with them! Our location choice was a weird place in a weird weather – at least from a couple’s perspective -, but we knew it’s gonna be amazing. So, how to make our couples understand our vision? How to tell them that a storm is a great time to have a shoot and that we know that the weather will change any time and we’ll have the most awesome sunset – hopefully? Fortunately, there was no need to explain anything. They were so excited and trusted us from the beginning. And it was absolutely magic!

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An extraordinary wedding