An extraordinary wedding
April 2020, Kulturrathaus Dresden

This wedding was the start of a very extraordinary wedding season in a crazy year. At the beginning of the pandemic we didn’t know what will come, how deadly this virus really is and what we should do or shouldn’t do. That’s exactly when we were about to have the first wedding of the season. It was supposed to be a big wedding with guests from all over the country, spending a whole day together to celebrate love, hugging friends that are living far away and dancing until the sun rises again.

But you all know already what actually happened…

Weddings were highly restricted to 15 people, traveling was forbidden, restaurants and most shops were closed, masks became mandatory, a safety distance of 1.5m was recommended, elderly people should avoid to meet people, in order to “flatten the curve”.

Well, not the best requirements to start the 2020 wedding season. But some things still made us feel positive anyway. We would definitely witness and document the impact of an historic event on people’s private life. We felt safe, because our couples and their guests were responsible, respectful and they took this shit serious. And after all, we felt happy, because our couples were just awesome. We were in touch regularly to update about the current situation, to brainstorm about possible alternatives and to make sure that everyone felt good about their wedding day.

And yes this season was not like all the other wedding seasons. Yes, lots of weddings got cancelled. Yes, we missed all the interaction of people and the party nights. But it was extraordinary.

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