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May 2018 - Tenerife & La Palma, Canary Islands

May 2018 – Tenerife & La Palma, Canary Islands

Most people come for the sun and for the beaches. Before we went to Canary Islands, we just heard about the very touristic south with all the hotels built close together, about lots of English and German grannies staying there, and many other stories that created a very unattractive impression for us.

Litte did we know about all the beautiful nature from moon landscapes to lush green rain forest, almost empty natural beaches, cloud waterfalls and many more.

As we didn’t want to stay in a crowded place, we rented an AirBnB in a tiny fisherman’s village in the north of tenerife. It was quiet and raw, plenty of space, from our terrace we could hear the waves crushing at the cliffs and see fishermen holding their fishing rods into the sea. We took a rental car with which we circled the island many times in the 2 weeks we stayed there. Our car also brought us up to Mt. Teide, a volcano and the highest mountain of Spain, and was our sleeping place for 2 freezing, but absolutely unforgettable nights on the top with nearly zero degrees. After these beautiful sunset, milky way night sky and the most beautiful sunrise of our lives it was all worth it. We were absolutely stunned and couldn’t have dreamed about such place like this.

But there was much more to discover. We learned about seismic activity, all the volcanos and recent eruptions. We discovered new food and learned that the best, cheapest and most local food you can find at the gas stations. What sounds completely strange in all other places of Europe, in Tenerife it’s the place to be in the evening. People in workwear and suit, you’ll find everyone there. And us in the middle of it all.

Another week we stayed in La Palma. A beautiful…. volcano. Yes, the whole island is actually just one big volcano and it looks incredible in a 3D model. As in Tenerife, also here we used to go up and down the mountains and driving either beneath, inside or above the clouds and seeing them move like waterfalls. Breathtaking!

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