Romantic Wedding in the Rain
July 2019, Marienschacht Bannewitz

When couples plan their wedding, the biggest wish is often to have sunny, warm weather to celebrate outside. On Nic and Naomi’s wedding day though, it was raining the whole day, but the couple and the guests didn’t let this change their happy moods. Instead, we were part of a joyful, emotional and romantic wedding day that we’ll never forget.

Although living in Switzerland, the couple chose Dresden as their wedding location and brought all their family and friends to the place where they used to study together and where they made beautiful memories together. Nic got ready in an AirBnB close to where they used to live during their study time. Naomi got ready in Theresa’s Maskerade atelier with her mother and friends.

After the sweet ceremony at the Kraszewski Museum, an old timer bus brought everyone to the location Marienschacht in Bannewitz which was lovingly decorated by the bride and her friends. The joyful atmosphere and relaxed mood of the couple made the day amazing and nobody was really caring about the rain.

For the couple shoot, we asked the couple, if they’re open for an outdoor shoot even tough it was raining. Naomi put on her Doc Martens shoes and we went out to the field with an umbrella. These are the moments that we will unlikely experience again. Of course we also love beautiful, romantic sunset couple shootings, but it would be boring if every wedding would be the same.

For us, this rain created such a romantic atmosphere and made us capture moments, perspectives and pictures we would have missed on a sunny day. We’re happy that nobody can choose the weather. It makes everything a little more spontaneous.

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