Love & Light – Elopement Inspiration
March 2019, Sóller (Mallorca)

Oh wow, this inspiration shooting with the love birds Ria & Axel was an unbelievably emotional, fun and creative time that we enjoyed to the fullest. And whenever we watch these pictures with this beautiful nature, this golden light, the real and uncovered love of the two, our hearts are smiling.

From the very first moment, we get along so well together. We laugh a lot, we enjoy every moment on the island and just have fun. Together with Theresa from Maskerade Atelier and our lovely colleague Maria Braun, we organized a wedding inspiration shooting on the sunny island Mallorca. And like all artists and creators, also we photographers love to escape the routine and treat our eyes with new visions and perspectives. The stunning nature, the wonderful, warm light, the energy and the love between Ria and Axel inspired us so much! Traveling teaches us so much and we feel like, we come back with so much energy and new ideas. That’s why we really love destination weddings and hoping for more opportunities to escape from our every-day life with lovely couples.

The mountains and the sea, two lovers that kiss slowly while the sun is setting and the sky turns orange, then purple. Oh, if summer could last forever….

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