Get inspired.
Follow your heart.
Enjoy the moment.
Be yourself.
Do what you want.
Because it's your day!
Celebrate the love.
Because real love is beautiful.


Photography and travel is our passion

We're a travel and wedding photographer couple based in Dresden, Germany. We have a passion for people, travel and photography. You'll find us in the mountains or in the nature, taking landscape pictures for hours or even days.

You'll find us in interesting places where we capture culture, traditions and people's daily life through our journalistic vision. You'll find us in destinations around the world, capturing unique weddings of wonderful people in love. And on the other days, you'll find us in our home in Dresden, cooking Bangladeshi food and planning our next travels.

Meet the team


We're Maria and MD, a couple with love for each other and the passion for photography and travel. Our dream is to travel the world with a camper van, meet people all over the planet and tell all these stories of the experiences we made on the way to our grandchildren one day. We enjoy the simple things in life and we're grateful for everyday. Good friends, good food and some adventure is all we need.
And when we are able to create, live out our artistic vision and make people happy with our work, that's makes us feel happy and full of energy.
We dream of a world without hate and racism where people can appreciate the differences between each other and celebrate them.


What we do

Together we document people and travels with our journalistic vision and preserve the atmosphere of the moments. We're all in for weddings, elopements, family and couple shootings, art portraits, dance photoshoots as well as travel stories.
The special thing about our journalistic style is the way we see things around us. We see beauty in simple moments and love in small gestures. We document the uniqueness of each couple and place with our eyes and tell each story in their own way.

Life & Photography

“ LIFE IS LIKE A CAMERA. Just focus on what’s important, capture the good times, develop from the negatives and if things don’t turn out - just take another shot ”

Ziad K. Abdelnour